Custom Lashes

Lashes are individual so we specialise in natural lash extensions designed in a unique style to perfectly match you. With precise lash isolation our gentle, safe application method keeps your natural lashes in perfect condition.

So you can wear eyelash extensions for as long as you like, without any damage or discomfort. Our lash artists have thousands of hours experience so you’re guaranteed to get extensions you’ll love, every time.

Light Classic

A pretty set of eyelash extensions that looks completely natural and enhances your eyes.

We’ll keep the length and fullness to a very natural level, suited to you if you want to keep your lashes very subtle but still want the eye-catching effect.

Corporate Classic

A very light set of lashes to suit a professional environment.

We boost the volume of your natural lashes to match your natural lashes. These lashes are loved by our more mature clientele or those with weak natural lashes.

Dreamy Volume

This is both quite full and long giving that incredible lash look that draws attention to the eye, yet the lashes are so light and fluffy that no added strain is put on your natural lashes.

This is our most popular set of extensions and suitable for most clients. Lashes will look fuller, longer and in a style that perfectly suits you, we go as long and full as we can these never look too dramatic or over the top.

Glam Volume

This is the highest level of density and thickness we offer, these lashes are full and glamorous.

This is our most dramatic lash package where we’ll make your lashes very full and long to create a stunning effect.